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Photo by JohnCrux/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by JohnCrux/iStock / Getty Images

Why Australia?

Australia is an island continent and has been named as the “lucky country” for many decades. This is not just due to its great diversity and abundance of natural resources and weather, but also because of its magnificent and vast geography and its location far from the world’s problems. All these factors have made Australia a pacific nation, prosper and stable.

Australia has been included amongst the strongest world’s economies for a long time. In 2013 Australia was the sixth strongest economy according to the World Bank. This position reflects the high living standard of Australia, access to first level public services, low rate of unemployment, safety and social peace.

During the last decade several of the Australian cities have been surveyed in the list of The World’s Most Liveable Cities. For instance, Melbourne has been awarded the first place for the fourth consecutive year.

Australia owes great part of its development to the migration. Therefore, it is a country with a very high degree of multiculturalism. Official statistics confirm that no less than 26% of the population is migrant, and no less than 40% has at least one parent born overseas.

Due to its vast geography, Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world; however it has a very low density of about 3 people per square kilometre. That is the reason why Australia has an open migration policy which welcomes migrants who choose this country as their home.