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General Skilled Migration 

Designed to fill skill shortages in the Australian Labour Market. The number of visas allocated to this pathway represents about 68% of the yearly Migration Programme. This programme frequently involves additional applications to other authorities such as skills assessment, state nomination and others. In order to have your temporary or permanent visa approved, it is crucial to make an impeccable visa application but also these supplementary applications. 

What visas are included in this programme?

  • State & Regional Sponsored (SC 489, 190)

  • Skilled Independent (SC 189)

The Government constantly changes the regulations of this programme, creating a very complex system that need to be carefully addressed to secure a positive outcome. Every party involved (skills assessment entities, state governments and regional authorities) have their own policies and guidelines. They can result equally important in the overall success of your residence application. AustraliaAndes specialises in the practice of all theses visa subclasses with an outstanding rate of success.