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Employer Sponsored Visas

This program has the purpose to fill skilled positions in the Australian labour market that cannot be filled with local manpower. These visas are composed by three different assessments: on the employer, the nominated position and the visa applicant. Each of them has to be approved in order to have a visa granted. There are elements such as genuineness of the position, compliance of training, testing of the labour market, research of the market salary and many others that must be all addressed scrupulously to have a successful outcome. 

What visas are included in this programme?

  • Employer Sponsored (SC 482, 186)
  • Regional Sponsored Scheme (SC 187)

Some of these visas also require a positive skills assessment and Regional Certifying Body (RCB) approval, creating extra procedures with levels of difficulty that will vary depending on the entity involved.      

Let us deal with the complexity of this visa to secure you a positive result. Each step is crucial. We will look after of every component creating a solid and consistent application.