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Partner Visas

Designed for those applicants who are married or in a de-facto relationship with Australian citizens or permanent residents. Those applicants who want to come to Australia to marry an Australian partner have an alternative too. There are other factors to be considered before taking the right pathway: Merits Review and Bridging visa are key elements you should consider. 

Prospective Marriage SC 300

Those who have planned to marry in the short term can come to Australia on a 9 months visa for that purpose. There are key requirements that will be assessed in your application. Let us assist you to prepare a strong case and to make a smooth transition to your subsequent partner visa application. 

Onshore Partner Visa SC 820/801

For those who are already in Australia, married or in a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, same or opposite sex, this is the avenue. This visa starts with a temporary stage and then followed by a permanent visa. Many applicants think that a marriage certificate is sufficient to support an application. The result is a visa refusal and the loss of money, time and expectations. There is specific criteria that need to be addressed and supported. Don't risk your life plans.

Offshore Partner Visa SC 309/100

This is the pathway for those who want to lodge an application from offshore. The criteria to be assessed is the same applicable to an onshore application. Let us advise the best option for you.