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General Skilled Migration

Designed to fill skill shortages in the Australian Labour Market. The number of visas allocated to this pathway represents about 68% of the yearly Migration Programme. 

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Employer Sponsored Scheme

One of the most attractive visas for employers and employees. These visas are in constant change creating a very technical and sophisticated program. This pathway can represent for many skilled workers the best avenue to obtain permanent residence.

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Partner Visas

Currently one of the most scrutinised and expensive visas. There are different pathways to access this kind of visas which have been designed for married or de-facto partners, from opposite or same sex. Let us suggest you the right visa for you and the right evidence to create a strong case.    

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Parent Visas

The are different options for parents who want to migrate to Australia. If you want to know the most suitable alternative to your situation, contact us.


Visitor Visas

For those who want to come to Australia for holidays, business or to spend time with friends or relatives. There are different streams and each of them with different set of requirements and conditions. We will help you to choose the appropriate one.

Other visas

Contact us to discuss your visa needs on a case by case basis.